Week in Review: “NaNo Still Kicking My Ass” Edition

I took a look at the statistics for this blog the past week, and I must say, without any sort of proper promotion or networking, it is very difficult to get a blog started off from scratch.  Considering that there already exists a community of networked anibloggers out there, one would expect that I would be in a fine position to capitalize on it and gain some sort of readership.

But as my years of blogging have shown, it is not the networking that gets you hits, but rather actual posts, and a consistent posting schedule, that does the bulk of the work for your site’s success.  It also doesn’t help that NaNoWriMo has been getting in my way with all of this.  Every post I make here is essentially wasted wordcount on my novel, which as of today, is a few thousand behind from the 25k benchmark that should be reached by now, the halfway point in the month.  However, as a result of having to balance both posting and NaNo along with the rest of my life’s responsibilities, I am thus suffering from both.

Alas, here’s what I’ve been doing this week in the wonderful world of Anime.

Playing AMGMSS Online

Or at least, pretending to.  There’s an inside joke on /a/ regarding the existence of an Amagami SS fighting game, much akin to the infamous mangaslide.  I’ve been participating in that thread, and despite the fact that the novelty has long since worn out, I still find myself playing along, perhaps due to the sheer despair knowing that such an amazing game concept will never see the light of day.  Should such a game ever come out, I would instantly be using Miya as my main, despite how insanely overpowered she seems to be in the pseudo-AMGMSS community.

Don’t tell anyone, but I was the one who made her flowchart on mspaint.

Kuragehime Episode 4

I really wanted to do a Kuragehime post last friday, but due to the pickiness of wanting to wait until the 720p encode was released from one of the subbers (umee, in particular), I was unable to get my hands on the episode until the weekend, which, by then, had been reserved for NaNoWriMo activities with the Toronto group.  Either way, I managed to watch it, and despite the sheer lack of time that I have to write a post on it before the next episode airs, I will simply say that my reservations for this show remain the same.  I firmly believe that this series has the best combination of excellent writing and storytelling, nuanced background music, and visual artistry wrapped up into pretty much the best series this season.

And that says a lot, considering that I’ve been enjoying a highly numerous amount of series that’s come out this season.  Definitely makes up for last season’s dearth of watchable shows.

MM! Episode 7

That said, I regret to inform that this show is on life support with regards to me following it.  I’m normally very tolerant of one-dimensional harem comedies, usually due to stubborn attachment to one or two characters, or perhaps I find the writing to be actually funny.  But MM! has not been doing that with me lately.  I am put off by Yuuno’s androphobia, which has been abused as a running gag, at least twice as badly as the treatment given to Inami from Working!!.  I also blame Noa’s supposed giftedness with inventions, which leads to implausible situations, and drawn-out gags such as the fetish belt that turns people into Super Saiyans.  It was funny the first time it happened, but now, I find myself forcing myself to continue watching.

That said, the only thing that’s keeping me tuned in to this show is the small shred of hope that Yuuno and Tarou’s budding relationship (which, androphobia aside, is a pleasant watch) will somehow cure her of her fear.  I doubt it, though.

Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt Episode 7

Balls-to-the-walls action in episode 6 leads to balls-to-the-walls action-comedy in the first half of episode 7, as well as the second half of balls-to… well, I’m not going there.  PSG maintains a consistent effort of great production values coupled with a ludicrous animation style, capped off by the most mindblowing soundtrack I’ve listened to so far this year.  It doesn’t have the same story depth as FLCL or TTGL, but Gainax is clearly not taking themselves seriously with this show, not giving a flying fuck about what the critics are saying, and they’re benefiting greatly from this strategy.  Kudos to them for something outrageously different.

Ore no Imouto Episode 7

If Kirino can write a novel, then I can too!  This post is quickly approaching 1,000 words.  1,000 words that would probably put me back on track for NaNoWriMo.  I hate my life ;_;

Oh well.  At least there’s THAT ED.  I need to buy fifty copies of the single.  Right now.

Going Forward

I have no idea how I’m going to find time between now and the end of November to write both a weekly/biweekly blog and a steampunk epic, but as a friend of mine said to me, necessity breeds invention.  Somehow I’ll find a way to do both, if it gets any worse than it already is.  Not that the blog is bad or anything, at least, with regards to the way I’m writing.  I don’t mean to claim any sort of credibility with regards to knowledge of symbolism/etc., but I am familiar with things like story, character development, and other aspects of writing, whether it be in a novel, play, movie, or television show.  As for the writing of the blog itself, I’m certainly not aiming for a ‘keikaku-doori‘ level of analysis.  I’ll simply keep writing, and hopefully I’ll be able to find the right voice for this blog, which can possibly be strikingly different to the other ones I’ve written for.


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