Steins;G/a/te Episode 13

(If somehow you don’t think that there are spoilers in this post, I really have nothing to say to you.)

If there’s anything that I enjoy more than watching Steins;Gate, it’s reading threads on 4chan in reaction to the same show.  After a very eventful episode 13, it would seem that the token moe character, Mayushii, has achieved a memetic status based on the spoilerific events surrounding her, elevating almost to Mami’s Head status.

Almost, but thanks to this thread, it’s a good start.  It’s the first place where the video on Scamp’s blog was posted, and numerous photoshop edits were made to create the monster that is known as Mayushi and the trains by which she is hit.  Having contributed a number of such images to that thread, I feel it is necessary to share it all with you.

I tu-tu-ruuuuse you!


Click to enlarge.  Apparently, Leonidas is a bit too zealous about time travel.

Not my edit, but it makes perfect sense.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got this.”

This one’s my favourite.  Spirit Tracks was one of my favourite Zelda games because I’m such a fan of trains, as I’ve tweeted before.

This one was done by someone else, but I just had to save it, if you…*puts on sunglasses*…catch my drift.

If you’ve already seen the video on Scamp’s post, it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at this one as well, done by anonymous at approximately the same time as the original.

A lot less subtle than the original, but the bluntness and the ironically bad cropping makes up for it.  Again, not mine.

All in all, the thread was actually quite hilarious, despite slowing down towards the end.  Lots of train puns and a visit from the inappropriate pun master, Carlos from the Magic School Bus.  I look forward to future memetastic episodes. See you later, tuturu~!


6 thoughts on “Steins;G/a/te Episode 13”

    1. There were a large number of them done by other anon., but yeah, that first thread was pretty amazing. Thomas the Tank Engine is now a meme on /a/. Fucking love it.

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