The Howling City of No. 06.

The Moon Drop is a giant structure that resides in the very heart of No. 6’s titular city.  In the show’s first episode, we are introduced to this structure from the eyes of Shion, the main character, who marvels at the Moon Drop at many different points.  The dreary mood is established by the way the Moon Drop howls in the wind from a nearing storm.  It is even described as such by the characters themselves when it happens.  It looks dark, distant, and yet in one very interesting character-driven scene, Shion howls back at it, in the middle of the typhoon itself.  How marvellous!

It’s certainly not the first time large monuments like the Moon Drop have been used to some extent to establish mood.  In FLCL, a giant factory built in the shape of a giant clothing iron, known as Medical Mechanica, towers over Mabase, sticking out like a sore thumb.  But the ominous steam that hisses out of it marks the supposed mundane happenings in the city, pointed out by Naota’s arc phrase, “Nothing ever happens here, Everything is Ordinary.” The Iron is anything but ordinary, and while it remains in place throughout the first part of the series, the audience can’t help but wonder what role it will physically play in the climax.  Their curiosity is asuaged in the most outrageous way when the climax happens.

I can’t reasonably expect No. 6’s Moon Drop to play any role in the show beyond setting, but so far it’s inclusion has been a pleasant touch to what could potentially be a very dystopic science fiction piece.  And as it stands, I’ve been quite enamored with dystopic fiction as of late, so this comes as a welcome surprise.  I can’t wait to see how it develops.

Have an excellent weekend!


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