Endless Summer, Part 3 – Unleash the Genius

In part 2, we laid out some restrictions to work around when planning out and writing fanfic for later.  The reason why we do this is to push the brain to its limits, forcing it to think outside of the box, and to be as spontaneous as possible when coming up with an appropriate solution.

In part 3, we’re going to put that brain to work by freewriting.

The Power of Writing Freely

In the context of this stage of fanfiction writing, the freewriting that I am set to do at this stage is of the brainstorming kind.  Unlike writing by the seat of your pants, which involves throwing caution to the wind regarding the story details and the actual plot itself, the freewriting that we’re going to do is purely for planning and hammering out details for the story that is to be written later.

For those who don’t know what freewriting is, it’s a short exercise in creativity in which you simply write nonstop for a set amount of time, putting everything that comes into mind onto your keyboard and onto your screen.  The greatest ideas are often held back by your inner editor, the little troll in your brain that tells you that your writing sucks, that your ideas are terrible, trite and cliche.  With freewriting, you ignore any and all self-criticism, and write anything and everything pertaining to a particular topic.  The incidental thoughts that come from thinking at bullet speeds and captured by your fingers to the best of your ability.  By tapping into the hidden potential of the brain, the original idea can expand into a vast, yet raw collection of concepts that can be used in your fanfiction.

Suddenly, the restrictions that you set for yourself when writing and thinking become guideposts and tangents through which your mind can race, hopefully capturing potentially awesome ideas to build around.

So here’s what we’re going to do.  Taking the original premise of the fanfic that you want to write, and using the restrictions laid down before, write as much as you can in TEN minutes. Write anything. Screw prose. Screw grammar, spelling and even punctuation if you need to. Turn as many thoughts into words. Kick reason to the curb and pierce the heavens with your imagination.  The pen is your drill, now dig!

10 minutes of Endless Eight and Madoka

Pick a character from Madoka.  It’s gonna be kyubey. If it’s another girl, there’s no conflict. Kyubey wants to turn girls into magical girls for energy. Haruhi has a shitton of energy.

Kyubey wants to turn Haruhi into a magical girl, chases her throughout the entire story, but trolls Kyon and the rest hard.  Mikuru even turns into a magical girl in Haruhi’s stead one of the loops.

15,499 repetitions. 1325 times Kyubey appeared. 546 times Kyubey turned Mikuru into a magical girl. 269 times Mikuru turned into a witch.  Doesn’t matter if the world ends, it repeats itself back to august 17.

Yuki has watched Mikiru die?  This is too fucking gruesome.

Kyubey is a data organism.  Seperate entity/group from Data Integration Thought Entity.  Yuki calls him a galactic equilibrium restoration species.  GERS can detect energy data from girls.  3 years ago, Haruhi exploded with energy data, enough to power the universe for eons.  Each new loop increases the latent emotional energy in Haruhi.

When haruhi is mad/angry, closed space and celestials appear.  When haruhi is sad/depressed, witches and barriers appear.  Same data as closed space, but only Kyubey and magical girls can pass through barriers. To save the city, magical girls need to make a contract.  Haruhi is the ultimate magical girl target.  Magical Mikiru fights with time manipulation like Homura.

Speaking of which, Madoka references EVERYWHERE. Bon festival, Yuki buys a Charlotte mask.  Fireworks afterwards, Kyon pretends firecrackers are like flintlock pistols, with giant fireworks set off he yells “TIRO FINALE”

“I don’t know what went over me as I said it.  It sounded pretty cool, so I just said it.” or something like that. look into in-character prose.  First-person like the light novels.

And that’s what I ended up with in 10 minutes worth of random writing directly from my brain.  It reads like total crap, but I think I got some really neat ideas in there, though I probably should have done more with the tangental thinking. I focused a bit much on Kyubey, but at least I know that I’ve settled on a character for the second restriction.  I could have typed more, but it’s almost midnight, and I want to keep that streak of consecutive days with a post alive.  That said, I look forward to tomorrow and try to make sense out of the stuff that I write here.  It’s just a start, and I will probably do multiple brainstorms and free-write sessions, since I can already feel my creative juices starting to flow.  15 will suffice.  See you tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Endless Summer, Part 3 – Unleash the Genius”

    1. There’s a book on general free-writing called Accidental Genius, by Mark Levy. It’s worth picking up and scanning through at a B&N when you have time, but having bought it myself, I probably would have preferred something a little bit more focused on narrative writing(novel/screenplay/etc.). Go check it out anyway, it has a lot of neat ideas.

    1. Yeah, that one was quite a shocker. Even I had to take pause for a few seconds to grasp what I had plucked out of thin air. I want to go forward with this, because in the previous posts, I postulated the differences between witches/barriers and celestials/closed space. I suppose I ought to read/watch mysterique sign again to catch a glimpse of those awesome battle scenes.

  1. Yep I remember doing free writing back in one of my first collage classes! Set time and writing whatever you could think of on most subjects ahah good stuff.

    Speaking of which, Madoka references EVERYWHERE. Bon festival, Yuki buys a Charlotte mask. Fireworks afterwards, Kyon pretends firecrackers are like flintlock pistols, with giant fireworks set off he yells “TIRO FINALE” <<<< So awesome O_O I can actually picture this happening ahahah nice!

    Haruhi Vs Kyubei!? Amazing!

    1. Well, maybe not versus in a combat type of thing, but rather, mentally. Kyubey is tempting Haruhi to fulfill her wishes, and Haruhi is struggling to come to grips with the nature of Kyubey’s existence itself, let alone his offer to grant her wishes and turn her into a magical girl. It’s something I still have to consider a little bit further, perhaps with a bit more research.

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