Endless Summer, Part 4 – Critical Research

In my previous post, we used freewriting to unveil some further awesome ideas based on the central concept that we envisioned for our fanfiction project.  These ideas will eventually form the basis of a delicious portion of our work, but unlike the spontaneous brainwork that we did, this stage of actual writing will require some sort of consistency and logic in its writing.

Doing the Critical Research

In the world of storytelling, willing suspension of disbelief can only go so far with regards to allowing authors to get away with inconsistencies in story. It is up to the creator then to maintain a good consistency with the story, whether it be in original fiction, and doing the research to make sure that the major details and plot points make sense, and follow the rules of the story’s world.  In fanfiction, a lot of attention is paid to the consistency between the fanfiction’s story and the source material’s canon.

Despite the general notion that canon is king, fanfiction writers are entitled to full artistic license when it comes to adapting characters from source material. There’s no rule outside of social expectations that explicitly state that fanfiction absolutely must adhere to canon, but it’s often due to extensive knowledge and appreciation to the source material that most successful fanfiction authors are able to come up with their carefully planned deviations. As the old adage goes, one learns the rules so that they can be broken. Same goes for canon.

So do the research! Go back to reading the novels and manga. Go back to watching those scenes in the anime that have major implications in the story that you’re about to write. Get those characters down, and make them believable. Or believably unbelievable, if you so wish.

Straight to the Source With Endless Eight and Madoka

I am adapting straight from the Endless Eight standalone story from Nageru Tanigawa’s Haruhi series, but as it turns out, a lot of the details that I want to look into come from other parts of the story. For instance, the idea that Kyubey is a data organism requires more information regarding the world-building that occurs in previous books, namely the Boredom of Haruhi Suzumiya, where the SOS Brigade encounter an ancient Data Organism in Mysterique Sign.

Mysterique Sign also provides references for instances where the club goes into a foreign type of closed space, similar to my proposed witch barriers. The club, sans Haruhi, battle a giant Cave Cricket, but the narration style and reactions that I read coming from Kyon could very well be similar to that of an epic battle with a witch.
Mysterique isn’t the only story that I can draw some good information from. The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya provides an excellent reference for the concept of “Battle Waitress Mikuru.” The parallels are pretty awesome, and make for an interesting coincidence.

Hell, I shouldn’t even limit myself to the books and anime. There are two seperate wikis for both series that provide a wealth of knowledge of details that I can incorporate into the fic. Not to mention that there’s also the awesomest wiki ever for story-based analysis on the two shows, despite being as informally presented as more “legitimate” wikis. Every character ever is just a collection of character tropes, which isn’t a bad thing at all.

Hey, a Secret

I’m not actually going to write this out in full until September.  Endless Summer is way too fun,  and combined with work and actually blogging my personal writing process, there’s actually not a lot of time to be hands-on with the writing. However, I am taking the planning process slightly more seriously than I usually do. I only hope it results in a better product than what I’ve written before. The last fic I wrote was several years ago, a novel-length work that didn’t live to the end.  But oh well. This project is awesome blog fodder, and I enjoy writing about it as I am actually writing it out. See you tomorrow!


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