Another Millennium Actress Story

Because I have absolutely nothing to do here at work, I’d like to share a really quick story about another watching experience involving Millennium Actress.  This one also involving classmates from my university, yet not so much involved with love.

It was my freshman year at the University of Toronto, and a number of us just finished our last exam of the school year (First Year Chemistry). We finished and survived our first school year, and wanted to celebrate.

“Let’s eat dim-sum and watch a movie!”

It had become a tradition to load up on dim-sum after anything chemistry-related. During the winter, there was an instance where class was cancelled due to inclimate weather (i.e., a shitton of snow), and we made an impromptu trip to a really cheap chinese restaurant with $1.25 dim sum plates. On average, each person spent about 50 bucks purely on food.

So we did it again after exams, and engorged ourselves to the point where we couldn’t afford to watch a movie in theatres. I chimed in with an idea that we could watch a dvd at someone’s house. I invited everyone back to my place, which had the best home theatre setup among our circle of friends.

Everyone was in high spirits. After finishing school for the year, and helping ourselves to a really nice meal, we were set to start off the summer in quite possibly the brightest mood ever.

And then we watched Millennium Actress.  Bittersweet happened. Everyone was crying at the end, or at least tearing up. Even some of the other “tougher” guys.

I still remember a comment that one of my friends gave me. She said, “Goddammit Kriz. We were supposed to celebrate and be happy and crap, but now we’re all depressed!”

Or something like that. I guess there’s a time and place to watch certain movies. And even though Millennium Actress is a fantastic film, one that all my friends ended up loving, despite being totally bummed right afterwards, it probably wasn’t the best choice right after a gruesome exam period.

This weekend looks to be fantastic, so be sure to have a happy one(and by that, I mean don’t watch Millennium Actress). Until next week!


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