December Update: 50k and no posts to show for it ;_;

My apologies for what turned out to be a completely empty November, post-wise. Celebrating a one-year blog anniversary and following it up with a complete lack of posts sends a very strange message about my posting habits out of context. However, as most of you know, the reason for my annual November silence is due to NaNoWriMo, which I managed to complete this year!

Digital Girl And the Azure Conspiracy is my yearly attempt at mixing and matching a bunch of genres that I like to read and write about. Last year and the year before was Steampunk + Edo Japan = Steampanku, and this year is Cyberpunk + Magical Girl = Shojoupunk, although as I wrote it, it turned out to lean heavily towards Magical Girlfriend due to using a male observer as a first-person main point of view character for a more Light Novel approach. Never using that perspective again. Ever.

The product that I ended up writing was a little bit different from the concept I had pitched for in that original Shojopunk post, and it ended up being less Madoka-esque, but more like Dennou Coil, which is pretty heavy on its own. I’d love to share my ideas with you about the subject, but I’ll leave it for another day and another post.

There were a number of factors that kept me from being able to write posts on top of writing a novel in a month, particularly coming from events happening in real life. My grandmother passed away at the most inopportune time, which made writing much more difficult. I persevered, and managed to win anyway, using her passing as a form of motivation to keep writing, mostly introspectively. Expect a post on that as well.

December is well underway, and with the end of the year, there are a few things that I would like to address before the year is over.

Episodic Blogging: Chihayafuru Dropped

With my deepest regret, I have to drop blogging Chihayafuru. Falling behind on blogging a series is one thing, but falling behind on two series, Chihayafuru and Last Exile, is another. I intended to keep up with both shows, but due to NaNoWriMo taking up the bulk of November, as well as my intention to fit in other blog content in the coming weeks, there doesn’t seem to be room or time to write for both.

Choosing between blogging Last Exile and Chihayafuru, I definitely choose to keep Last Exile. Chihayafuru is an excellent series so far, and its combination of competition and romance is an interesting genre blend that effectively takes the best of both worlds to create something incredibly unique and captivating. I will definitely continue watching it to the end. As for Last Exile, I’ve been keeping up with watching the episodes, and it’s only gotten better since November started, so expect me to write a relatively larger post regarding the episodes that I have missed so far.

Episodic Blogging: Smile PreCure Picked the FUCK Up

Fuck yes son. If there’s any show that gets me riled up to the point of swearing like a burly sailor, it’s a franchise that is primarily aimed at little girls. Suite PreCure has been a fantastic ride throughout the year, and having missed out on the weekly experience (and magical girl masterpiece) that is Heartcatch PreCure, I feel that there’s enough interest coming from me as a fan to blog about next year’s entry into the series.

Each year, the cast usually has one or two standout seiyuu that . In Fresh, it was Eri Kitamura as Cure Berry. In Heartcatch, it was Nana Mizuki as Cure Blossom. In Suite, it was Ami Koshimizu as Cure Melody. For Smile, there are heavy rumors circulating about Aoi Yuuki starring as the main cure. No other information has been confirmed or set in stone yet, but regardless of who gets casted, I’m sure to follow closely. Being PreCure fan is suffering.

Secret Santa and 12 Days post series

I’m currently participating in Reverse Thieves’ anime Blogging Secret Santa event, which involves bloggers anonymously exchanging anime suggestions with each other for Christmas. I had to mulligan my first choice of series, since two of the suggested titles were ones that I already watched, but forgot to add to my MAL list, and the third show was unavailable. To make up for it, I’ve taken up the challenge of watching all three shows that were suggested to me in the second pass: Dennou Coil, Gosick, and Zettai Shonen.

I already finsihed watching Dennou Coil during NaNoWriMo (excellent writing inspiration!), watched the first few episodes of Gosick back when it first aired, and obtained a batch for Zettai Shonen, which is a show that is so low-key that it doesn’t even have its own tvtropes page. We’ll see if I can entry pimp that.

As for the 12 Days post series, I’ve already started writing a few posts ahead of time. It’s not too hard to find 12 moments of Anime and Manga that defined 2011 for me. I don’t want to spoil it, but I already have all 12 planned out in my head. Now it’s just a matter of putting my heart into it. 2011 was an amazing year of anime, and I can’t wait to share my year with my readers, all three five of them.

Light Novels, and More

At some point in November, while attempting to write a Light Novel for NaNoWriMo, I googled up the term, and found my blog on the first page. Mysteriously, doing the same search again at work resulted in my blog completely disappearing from the first page. Whether or not this is some wordpress-related wizardry, it became apparent after NaNoWriMo that I really do have a fondness for reading and writing, and my goal for publishing a novel has become even more refined into publishing a light novel in the Original English Language vein. I’ve said this plenty times before, but it’s soemthing that I feel that needs to be iterated over and over again. Setting a goal is the first step, and following through on that goal by actually writing a draft is another.

I look forward to writing more about Light Novels. Perhaps outside of weekly PreCure posts, I might not even talk about anime at all other than small storytelling-related tidbits from stuff I watch throughout the year. But when it comes to writing, nothing counts more than the actual books themselves. Expect more Haruhi, more Book Girl, and Spice and Wolf, among others. Kieli is pretty good too, so far at least.

So that’s about it for now. Again, I truly apologize for being absent during November. I’ll make up for it with a fantastically packed December filled with writing about writing, as well as a bunch of fond memories of 2011. I just can’t wait for 2012!


7 thoughts on “December Update: 50k and no posts to show for it ;_;”

  1. Watch Zettai Shonen. It’s something out of this world and is severely underrated. Hell, it’s the topic in my first podcast. One of the very few anime I’ve given a 10/10.

    But it’s an incredibly slow anime. Be warned.

    1. Suddenly wondering if you’re the one who picked my name for Secret Santa, and this is all just a clever ruse. I’ve got my eye on you, comrade…

      Either way, I’m liking it so far.

  2. First off a huge congratulations on completing your Nano writing! That is one amazing feat Krizz! I have to say reading your posts about you starting on it and getting really pumped up got me into trying it out too. I only managed to do a total of 770 words! LOL I guess I lack in the vocab department to make anything worth while, or I just needed some more inspiration? Still congrats!

    Also sorry to hear about the loss of your grandma -hugs-

    Chihayafuru! Man I love this series so much right now originally I passed on this so fast like around episode three, but I am glad I decided to give it another shot much like Tiger and Bunny did the first time.

    Pretty cure! I am going to watch suite soon with my brother, even thou 90% of the time while we watch together it turns into mystery science 3000 comments and jokes if only I could find a way to record our insane ramblings…

    I was going to take part in the secret santa but Kyokai our boss over @Metanorn lost the email list Dohhhh but always another year right? I hope you get some wonderful shows man 🙂

    BTW where can I read your novel? Or is that on hold for now? xD

    Sorry for the massive comment buhahahah take care man! I hope December is good to you, sounds like you deserve something wonderful ❤

    1. Thanks Fosh. As for the novel, I still have to make some major adjustments so that it’s at least readable. From there, there are still some other additions that need to be made so that it can be a Light Novel proper, namely an illustrator.

  3. Oh Krizzy, I just heard… Hope you’re okay *big Hana hug*

    And OMG you did it – congrats on the 50K words! :O Defo an achievement. I’ve never read a light novel and know next to nothing about them, so I’d be interested in checking out yours once it’s published somewhere – good luck with the editing process!

    And glad you’re still enjoying, even if you’re no longer able to blog, Chihayafuru. I hope you find the time to get through all the things you’re prioritizing over the next month(s).

    1. I’ll be sure to have a copy available when it’s ready. There’s still so much to do with regards to rewrites and second/third drafts.

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