The Right Stuff, Part I: Blu-rays

I hardly ever do any of my shopping online, but when I do, I do it in huge, gigantic spurts, and only when there’s a deal to be made, so when I heard about the sales that online anime retailer Right Stuf has been putting up, I certainly couldn’t resist dipping in on the savings. Turns out, I spent so much that this post has to be split into two parts. Part I only includes Blu-rays not named Soul Eater, while Part II includes the juicy light novel goodness that I’ve only discovered today.

Angel Beats! Blu-ray Complete Collection

Summary: A group of dead students stuck in a high school purgatory struggle against Tenshi in a war game to prevent crossing over to the afterlife.

I already watched this show when it aired, and my impression of it at the time was for the most part favourable. The premise and plot have serious flaws, but the characters and comedic interaction is entertaining. My draw to this show is primarily due to the in-series band, Girls Dead Monster, whose rock-and-roll performances are full of energy and set a high-octane tone for the action sequences occurring in the background. At a 60% discount, I can’t go wrong with this choice.

Casshern Sins DVD/Blu-ray Complete Series

Summary: A cybernetic assassin with no memory struggles to survive in a shit-tastic futuristic wasteland.

I haven’t watched this series before, but I’ve only heard good things about this show. considering my love for Heartcatch PreCure, I figured that I could take a chance at a series that shows a lot of promise in the animation and action sequences. This is probably my most highly anticipated title out of all the BDs I ordered. With a 60% discount, it costs considerably less than the sum of its volumes.

Chobits Blu-ray Complete Series – Anime Classics

Summary: Average guy Hideki discovers a humanoid computer (persocom) in alleyway named Chi, and becomes her new owner.

It’s been such a long time since I last saw this series, and I only remember fond memories of the experience. Reliving those days again in high-def is an excellent prospect, and at 60% off, makes for an auto-inclusion in my now-growing library. HIDEKI! HIDEKI!

Claymore Blu-Ray Complete Series

Summary: Monsters called Yoma seek to devour all of humanity, but are pit in a great battle against Human/Yoma hybrids called Claymores. The series revolves around a Claymore named Clare.

Back when I was the president of my anime club in university, we would screen Claymore during our biweekly club events. Seeing Claymore on a giant projector screen with surround sound was quite an awesome experience, and adding it to my collection at 60% off is remarkable. God bless you, RightStuf.

Eden of the East Movie 1+2 DVD/Blu-ray

Series Summary: Akira Takizawa has no memory of his past, but finds himself in a situation where he has vast amounts of wealth and resources, but is part of a murder-survival game that aims to save the entirety of Japan.

When I first started building up my DVD collection, the Blu-ray format had just finished off HD-DVD in the format wars, meaning that I would soon have to transition my collection into the new generation. It wasn’t until this past American Thanksgiving weekend that I bought a Blu-ray player at a sale. With it, I also purchased the Eden of the East series. I’m at episode 6, and I’m loving the show enough to want to pick up the two movies that are associated with it.

FLCL Blu-ray Complete Series

Summary: Sixth Grader Naota Nandaba is thrust into the convoluted schemings of alien Haruhara Haruko when she hits him on the head with a bass guitar. Robots then emerge from his forehead and engage in battle.

This is my favourite series of all time. Even though it’s a 6-episode OVA, there’s a remarkable amount of production value put into each episode, making it worth the ~$45 investment. At a mere $13, this is an utter steal, considering I paid the regular price for the DVD version prior to its BD release. Sure it’s still in 4:3, and upscaled, but you really can’t say no to a 72% discount, especially for a phenomenal series like this.

Full Metal Panic (Season 1 and FUMOFFU) Blu-ray Complete Collection

Summary: Sousuke Sagara is tasked with protecting high school girl Kaname Chidori from terrorist abduction plots. Hilarity ensues.

I had the opportunity to order the Second Raid as well, but for two reasons, I skipped it over. Firstly, at 13 episodes, it doesn’t provide the value per minute that the original series does, and that it didn’t have as much of a markdown compared to the other two series (58% is still really good, but not as great as 68 and 69). I’m not that much of a mecha fan, but I did enjoy the first series for its comedic value, which is sole reason of me getting these two at all. I might end up picking up Second Raid eventually, but for now, I think these two will suffice.

Gai-Rei-Zero DVD/Blu-ray Complete Series

Summary: High school sisters Kagura and Yomi engage in sword-swinging combat against the supernatural. When Yomi is possessed by a spirit, Kagura is tasked with saving her from her uncontrollable slaughter.

I’ve never watched this series before, but I have seen promotional material from Funimation from both their youtube channel and on some DVDs regarding this series’ Blu-ray release. The action scenes looked interesting enough, and the seiyuu cast that includes Minoru Shiraishi and Minori Chihara is interesting enough for me to look into, especially at the 60% markdown. Watching this might not be at too high of a priority, but it makes for an affordable addition to my library. Hooray for disposable income!

The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya DVD/Blu-ray

Summary: Based on the Haruhi Suzumiya series, Kyon wakes up in an alternate world where the titular Haruhi Suzumiya no longer exists at his high school, and nobody seems to have any memory of her ever attending.

I’ve gushed back and forth about this movie being one of my favourites ever, and short of Milennium Actress, this is my favourite movie addition to my collection. I’ve also purchased Summer Wars, which has shot up considerably on my list for personal reasons as well. I surely hope that this baby ships in time for SSCSAV’s viewing on the 18th. This will be the first time I’ll be watching it in the dubbed form, whose cast has truly grown on me.

Yuki N.> Ready?
krizzlybear> HELL YES

Paprika Blu-ray

Summary: The DC Mini is a device that allows users to enter the world of people’s dreams. When the machine in question is stolen, Dr. Chiba is tasked with finding out the mystery, along with her dream-based alter-ego, Paprika.

This movie may not be as high on my list as Haruhi or Summer Wars, but it is a Satoshi Kon film nonetheless, and my aim is to have a collection of all his movies on Blu-ray. Paprika is the only one that is available so far, which is a shame. I really hope they manage to settle the licensing and distribution issues surrounding the other movies, because Kon’s films deserve to be watched by everyone.

Samurai Champloo Blu-ray Complete Series – Anime Classics

Summary: Rogue samurai warriors Jin and Mugen are roped into helping a girl named Fuu find her estranged father, the Sunflower Samurai.

This is one of my favourite series of all time, to the extent that I enjoyed this one even more than Cowboy Bebop. The infusion of Feudal Japan with hip-hop is stylistic genius, and has provided me with creative inspiration for my own fictional narratives. $17 is a spectacular deal for a 26-episode series. I recommend anyone with a BD player to pick up on this before the deal expires. This collection has the best value on my list of purchases.

Summer Wars Blu-ray

Summary: A world set in the very near future, math nerd Kenji is invited by the girl of his dreams, Natsuki, to a family reunion to act as a fake fiance. During the trip, an uncontrollable AI is unleashed upon the virtual online world of OZ, wreaking havoc on the real world that depends on it.

I already have the DVD for this movie, and even though I would have upgraded to a Blu-ray version without second thought, recent events in my life have caused me to appreciate this movie more than ever. I really want to watch this movie dubbed with my family, because I feel that they can appreciate the story that it tells. At a very reasonable $14 marrked down from $35, sharing this moving cinematic experience is easier than ever.

Tekkonkinkreet Blu-ray

Summary: Black and White are two children who live on the streets of the crapsack metropolis Treasure Town. They get caught in the city’s strange events, involving individuals ranging from the Yakuza to heartless megacorporations, to even their own inner demons.

As much flack as this movie got throughout its run, I still feel that the experience of watching the movie was more intriguing than it was confusing. The ending is a remarkable explosion of nightmare fuel and mindfuckery, but the movie keeps a strong grasp of itself throughout, and the overall tone of the movie is positive and uplifting. The discount on this title is the lowest in the collection, but thankfully, it’s already at a bargain-bin price. Tekkonkinkreet is a very economical pickup either way you spin it.

Tsubasa RESERVOIR CHRoNiCLE Seasons 1+2 Blu-ray Complete Collection

Summary: Syaoran is called upon to save the princess Sakura, whose memories and soul have been taken away. assisted by the warrior/wizard pair of Kurogane and Fai, this ragtag group goes on a vast adventure like none other.

I consider myself to be a huge fan of CLAMP, having fallen in love with series such as Chobits, xxxHolic, and especially Cardcaptor Sakura. For some reason, I never found the opportunity to watch Tsubasa, yet here it is, at a remarkable 60% discount price of $20 for each season. This will definitely be high on my watch list, and I can’t wait to dig into what this show has to offer. Of note, this collection is actually cheaper than the supposed Super Amazing Value Edition (S.A.V.E), which only includes the minimal packaging and presentation. Tell me, which one has the super amazing value again?

Shut Up And Take My Money

In part II, where I cover the various light novels that I purchased, I assure you that I will not have spent as much as I did here. Print media is much cheaper, and much more affordable. However, I can at least say that there will be enough money spent to qualify for free shipping. With a $150 minimum, and with titles ranging from 5-12 dollars, not only will I have a large amount of books purchased, but a whole lot of content to blog about. Until then, happy spending!


4 thoughts on “The Right Stuff, Part I: Blu-rays”

  1. I just finished watching Angel Beats! a couple of nights ago and loved it also. The main complaint I have with it is that it really should have been a longer series, just so they could do more focus on some of the other characters exit from the school.

    It looks like you got a lot of good deals there. Even though I’m trying to save money right now, I have a feeling that I’ll be sending some their way shortly.

    1. Yeah, if they made it longer, then the ending would not have been so out of the blue. It was a nice moment, but would have had a better impact if the relationship at the end was developed a bit more gradually.

    1. Which is why I clumped my purchse into >$150 clumps, so that I could bypass the shipping costs. I’m very much spent for the year!

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