12 Days of Anime #11: The Wooden Cube

Nichijou is the best show this year, simply because of this.


22 thoughts on “12 Days of Anime #11: The Wooden Cube”

    1. Thanks, but I wonder, though. Maybe it’s not so much wakamoto, but rather the hamminess in general. The way one translate’s not just the language but the intonation is also subject to interpretation. Michael McConnohie’s Charles zi Britannia is quite different from Jay Hickman’s Mechazawa, also different from krizzlybear’s wooden cube, hehe

    1. It’s usually after a long o syllable too. There are a lot of common words in Japanese like Ore/Kore/etc, but not so much in English. I am saddened by this.

    1. It’s a who’s-who of accomplished seiyuu, and yet, they’re tasked with voicing over mundane objects. Nichijou is incredible.

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