12 Days of Anime #6: My Morning is Rescued

It was only inevitable that Madoka would be mentioned in my 12 days. Sure, it’s a show featuring magical girls, but it shook up the blogosphere, got everyone talking, and made a noticeable impact in the anime fandom. I suspect that when this show makes its way to the West, not even the most ghetto-fabulous of dubs would stop people from buying into the hype surrounding this show and its nearly endless stream of plot-twists, eldritch abominations, decapitation puns, and time travel theory.

And yet, what these new people will not have the pleasure of experiencing is my fondest memory of the show. They will miss out on what was the one constant that personally defined my viewing experience of the entire thing.


Ahem. If one was so fortunate as to use gg’s subs or even watch the show through a livestream, he or she would be subject to the glory that was Morning Rescue. A short, 14-second commercial about an energy drink, Morning Rescue was the brief intermission between what was sure to be something remarkably serious or gruesome in the show.

Homura said something remarkably cryptic and creepy? MORNING RESCUE!

About to enter a nightmare fuel-inducing witch barrier? MOOOOOORNING RESCUE!

Madoka crying about [insert magical girl character]’s death? MORNING RESCUE!

The abrupt change in tone is the epitome of the mood whiplash of commercial breaks, an effect common not only in Japan, but in any sort of television-watching society. Every week, we are subject to the torture of terrifying truths punctuated by dubious drinks.

And I fucking loved it.

Morning Rescue instantly reached memetic status at the peak of the show’s popularity when Madoka was airing, and very few people appreciate how such a meme made light of what would otherwise be a “dark and edgy” show. You can’t be truly dark and edgy if you’re associated with a team of orange jumpsuits parading around an office of fatigued salarymen. No, sir. You need your morning rescue.

Magical girls come and go, but vitality beverages are forever. Long live Morning Lescue!


13 thoughts on “12 Days of Anime #6: My Morning is Rescued”

    1. If you read the top-rated comment on the morning rescue video, it goes something along the lines of:

      *crying during a scene of madoka*…morning rescue comes on…*pokerface*

      Hilarious stuff.

    1. I was unemployed when Madoka aired, but now that I’m working, I could definitely use my daily rescue from the morning.

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