New Years Resolution: Drop ALL OF THE ANIME

My name is Kriz, and I watch too much anime.

My new year’s resolution was to be a better time manager, so that I could actually put some time and effort into improving my life in multiple areas. I want to become fit and exercise more; I want to re-write edit one of my manuscripts to the point where I don’t feel embarrassed about sharing it with someone, namely editors and literary agents; I want to blog more consistently, I can’t do all of this when I am on the verge of picking up more than 10 currently airing anime this season, on top of the myriad of blu-rays that are set to arrive at my house in the near future.

Unlike the blu-rays, which seem to be on indefinite hold due to one pesky back-order of Full Metal Panic, my Japanese/light novel order came during the middle of last week, and I seriously need to put a dent in that, and blog about it at the same time.

I’m in an awkward position. I have a full-time job and am a productive member of society, unlike the stereotypical image of an otaku that both Western and Japanese society have created. I want to watch more anime, but as a salaryman with a 2+ hour combined commute by train, I know that I don’t have the same amount of time available as a college student who lives 5 minutes away from campus, or a high school student who only has to go to school from 8:30 to 4. I need to drop some anime, and fast.

In order to free up time, I have to put my foot down and only watch 2 hours of new anime per week. That’s approximately five series per week, meaning I can only keep up with 5 currently airing anime, including carryovers from last season. After careful deliberation, here are the shows I will be watching, and shows that I regretfully have to skip out on.

Last Exile

Time has become such a limited commodity that I’ve since dropped blogging Last Exile in favour of Smile PreCure. I feel absolutely horrendous about it, considering my track record with dropping episodic blogging projects, I can’t find the time to blog three things at once, let alone a single show at that. However, that shouldn’t take away from how much I simply love Last Exile. It’s going in a fantastic direction, and even though I’m still behind on the show even after going on a NaNoWriMo-related hiatus, I am determined to keep up.


Speaking of catching up on shows that I fell behind on while writing, Chihayafuru is also an unfortunate victim of my constantly shifting lifestyle. I was in a Skype call on Sunday with AJtheForth, PzKpfwCrusader, and DreamKatari while watching the Packers/Giants NFL playoff game. As it turns out, there was a more spirited debate about shipping between Taichi and Arata than football-related debate between the Packers and Giants themselves. I’m not exactly sure whether or not that would be attributed to how intense Chihayafuru is, or simply how poorly the Packers played. Even if it was the latter, I’d still be watching Chihayafuru anyway.

Smile/Suite PreCure

Suite is winding down, and while it appears that it won’t have the same level of impact as Heartcatch PreCure’s ending, I am fully satisfied with my time investment into this show, and remained pumped for Smile either way. Suite was typical enough for me to have possibly burned out on it by blogging the show week by week, but I feel it has to do with Heartcatch being a tough act to follow. I think blogging Smile will definitely keep my interest level high.

Moretsu Pirates

After deciding to use two series spots on shows that have been airing since last season, I have only enough room for two(-ish) new shows this season. One of them simply has to be Miniskirt Space Pirates, or Bodacious/Moretsu Pirates for short. I don’t really understand the fan moniker of MSP that much, since the skirts worn by the girls on this show aren’t actually that short. Even the magic skirt effect applies here, which was sorely needed in order to maintain some semblance of integrity on a show that could easily be ruined by the slightest usage of fanservice via pantyshots and sexualized middle-schoolers. I’m looking at you, Nisemonogatari.

Danshi Kokosei no Nichijou

A.K.A. Daily Lives of High School Boys, A.K.A. Nichibros, A.K.A. a totally awesome and hilarious show featuring Tomokazu Sugita. I once said that SKET Dance was simply Gintama, if Gintoki went to High School. I was wrong. High School Boys is even more extreme with its comedy, and even features the same voice of Gintoki as a high school student, and a remarkably hilarious one at that. With such little time available to watch anime, I need something that won’t get me to think about plot and writing. I need mindless laughs and blatant disregard for the fourth wall. Dashi does that for me, and I’m utterly delighted to pick this one up.

Thermæ Romæ

I was actually lying when I said I only have time to watch five airing series this week. If you skip opening and ending credits, there’s enough time to fit in a 13-minute show, meaning that Hot Tub Hetalia gets the nod for me. Other than Nichibros mentioned above, no other show right now is as funny or as charming as Thermæ Romæ. Ever since the letdown that was Hen Zemi, I’ve been looking for a 13-minute series that could potentially succeed that ofCromartieHigh School andDetroitMetalCity. This show could very well be it; even if it isn’t, it’s guaranteed to be an efficient use of anime-related time-consumption.

Goodbye, Potentials

Unfortunately, due to the above decision, a few shows that I would have otherwise watched this season have to be dropped.

Kill Me Baby: Contrary to the majority’s negative opinion, I actually enjoy this show without any shred of irony. There are reasons behind community disapproval, however, and it’s those particular points that makes this show lose out to other comedies such as Sugita Goes to School and Hot Tub Time Machine: the Anime.

Anything Mecha/Sci-Fi: there are some interesting shows right now, such as Rinne no Lagrange, Aquarion EVOL, Symphogear, and the like, but my thirst for futuristic anime is already quenched by The Galactic Adventures of Maka, Nadeko, and Heroman. I have no regrets!

Ano Natsu De Matteru: I told someone that I dropped Ano Natsu after loving the first episode. He asked me, “What’s the matter?,” to which I responded, “Nothing, what’s de matteru with you?” I don’t deserve to watch this show after making such a terrible pun.


That’s my five for this season. I can’t afford to watch anything else. All that’s left now is to not be on twitter as much, which now threatens to become the number one time waster. I’d like to know what anime people are watching this season. Feel free to comment and whatnot, because I’m definitely interested!


11 thoughts on “New Years Resolution: Drop ALL OF THE ANIME”

  1. Yeah, work and me playing chauffeur for my siblings during the school year have cut into my time, as well. (Me getting back into video games hasn’t helped, either!) I’m watching 16 shows right now, including SCCSAV rewatch stuff, and honestly, that’s probably too much for me lol. Shit’s gettin’ dropped, yo!

    1. Horror isn’t my thing. Even pseudo-horror/slasher. I’m more of a psychological thriller type of person, Perfect Blue coming to mind as an example.

  2. True that Krizzly! I can see keeping up with all these shows can get tiring fast…sometimes I look at my own list and go Whoa…what? How many shows do I REALLY need to be watching? I am with you on Kill me Baby. There is something missing from that series, I just think it is way to slow…

    HELL YES TO NICHIBROS! That series good god…I agree basically stick Gintoki in high school and let him run wild xD and Hooray to mini skirt pirates! I am glad they did not ruin that series with a million up skirt shots…especially in episode two since the girls are floating in zero gravity.

    I am so MATTERU But I a MATERU A fact you rule ❤

  3. I’m watching a hell of a lot of shows right now, just to get a feel of what they’re like. I’ll have to drop a bunch later, probably, but the ones that I like and will probably keep are Milky Holmes, Morestu, Rinne no Lagrange, Gundam AGE, Ano Natsu, Chihayafuru, and Nichibros. And of course Precure.

    I also have some stuff I watch with SCCSAV, and I usually batch download a completed series to watch a couple episodes at a time in chill-down periods, which at the moment are Yes Precure 5 and Saki.

    Good luck with your manuscripts, and don’t forget to link us to it when it finally gets published =P

    1. I wanted to watch Ano Natsu, but then the last bit at the end of episode 1 was a bit lolwat. It’s interesting, but I can’t fit it in my schedule. I want to watch Black Rock Shooter too, so I’ll be giving it a one-episode test to see if it can replace any one of the shows I’m currently watching.

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