The Big Hundred!

This is the 100th post written here on Baka Laureate. Considering that I’ve been blogging about anime since November 2010, it’s taken quite a bit of time to make it to the triple digit mark in posts. A lot of it was due to some periods of inactivity, particularly during NaNoWriMo the past two years. Other than that, I usually don’t post more than twice a week, which all adds up to such a delayed 100th post.

Regardless, a milestone is a milestone, and I figured I’d celebrate this occasion by looking back on a number of my favourite posts. I’ve selected 10 of my favourites, and while some of them actually count for multiple (as they are either the first or last post in a series), they still count as a single subject about which I am writing. This exercise also serves as a neat little cross-section of what Baka Laureate is all about.

Tsundere and the Beast: a Classic Character with a Classic Archetype

As Yi pointed out in the comments, everyone loves a good tsundere. It struck me as odd that a Disney character would show all of the signs of the classic definition of tsundere, and I remind myself in this post that even the stalest of character archetypes can be written remarkably well. It is probably close to being my favourite blog post.

But You Don’t Look Sick: Spoon Theory and Why I Love Katawa Shoujo So Much

This was my second post on Katawa Shoujo, and even though the game’s hype has long since waned, I still love the personal connection that was established between myself and the game. There was a lot of love put into the development of that game, and there was certainly a lot of love put into this post. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was gushing the entire time I was writing it.

If Famous Anime Directors Adapted Twilight

It’s not exactly my most original post, since I put an anime spin on an already popular article published outside the anime blogosphere. Either way, it was an exercise in creativity and I really enjoyed how it turned out. The post is exactly what it says on the tin, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with how easy it was to write.

Mawaru Penguindrum: Ringo (Apple) Curry Recipe!

Out of all the posts mentioned today, my Apple Curry post from Mawaru Penguindrum has received the most hits. I can thank Google for that, as well as an incoming link from a Livedoor translation of a 4chan /a/ thread. Not only did traffic come in from /a/ that day, but also from a very popular japanese website. It’s certainly warranted, though, I’ve eaten Apple Curry numerous times since the post went up, and I’ve always been satiated in each of my attempts to cook said dish.

Fanfiction: The Wish of Haruhi Suzumiya

Endless Summer was a series of posts all written approximately within the same 2-week period in August in which Haruhi Suzumiya’s Endless Eight took place. It dealt mostly with the planning process for fanfiction writing, and although it can be applicable to original fiction writing as well, I made it fanfic-centric, as the exercise led me to write the fanfiction piece that is referenced in this post. Clocking under 7,000 words, it is easily the longest one-shot fanfic that I’ve ever written, and probably my favourite one.

It’s the Greatest Show Time! Krizzlybear’s 10 Favourite Anime Films of All Time

While the concept of a top ten list is rather unoriginal, it’s the execution and list selection that draws the reader in. While there is a minuscule chance that someone else out there has the exact same 10 favourites, their reasoning is surely to be different. In this two-part post, I wax poetic about an unassuming list of films that includes the like of Millennium Actress, Redline, and even Pokemon: the Movie 2000. The list gets a bit personal, especially at the end, which is what I loved the most about this piece.

12 Days of Anime #11: The Wooden Cube

The 12 Days of Anime is an interesting event in the anime blogosphere. The forced requirement to do 12 consecutive posts is quite taxing, especially within the context of a busy Christmas season. The entry for Day 11 was an interesting one, since it barely contained any words; however, I had spent the most time recording what would be my darnedest attempt at an english dub of Norio Wakamoto’s voice. I don’t know what I was drinking that day either, but it certainly was received well.

An Open Valentine’s Day Letter to Yuki Nagato

From Christmas to Valentine’s day, this post is not a self-pitying whining spree that one would see on some lonely otaku’s livejournal account. This post was more of a letter to myself, and associating my life with anime through the concept of a waifu. In the strictest terms, one might argue that Yuki Nagato isn’t really my waifu, as I don’t go all-in on the experience of having a waifu, dakimakura and all. Either way, it’s one of my most personal post to date.

Imaginary Dates with the iDOLM@STER Girls

While posts like Valentine’s day and my top 10 are highly personal, this quirky little 2-part post opens up some incredible details about myself as a person without going into any significant particulars about my life. This is because I injected some creative thinking and writing exercises in the form of imaginary dates with iM@S girls. I learned a lot about myself by writing that, and those who have read the posts most likely learned a great deal about me as well.

The Anime Everyone is Talking About, the Latest Episode

This sentence is the first indication that the writing style in this post description has clearly changed from the previous entry. I expand on the idea presented from the previous sentence by using the same writing technique that was employed in the post in question. As a result, the third sentence in this description has absolutely wrecked my brain just by how ridiculous the post became as a result of intense meta-writing. Just read it. You’ll understand why it got the comment responses that it got.

And Then The Rest

By listing 10 example posts for my 100th post celebration, I’ve essentially mentioned the top ten percentile of posts from Baka Laureate that I enjoyed the most. By nature of Sturgeon’s Law, the rest of the blog is probably shit. But I won’t readily admit that just yet. For the most part, the slow pace of posting once to twice a week has given me the breathing room to not rush my posts, so they’re not bad at all. Here’s looking to another 100; hopefully this one doesn’t take yet another 2 years to accomplish.


14 thoughts on “The Big Hundred!”

  1. You know your posts have made an impact when you can give a list like this, and your reader remembers most, if not all, of the posts. Good work, and here’s to the next hundred! 🙂

    1. I remember the comment you left on the Beauty and the Beast post, and I can trust your comment here. Thanks for reading, Charles.

      1. I won’t say who, but I was conversing with a person who I think is one of the best anibloggers, and he mentioned that he thinks you’re one of the best out there and might stand a chance at doing well in upcoming tourney (against all odds versus these major team blogs). I agree. Keep going strong, man!

      2. Well jeez. You didn’t have to take it that far, lol. I just gotta keep working hard at it.

    1. Being the sole author and taking a number of whole months off tends to do that. At least with regards to post frequency, I try to make them count!

    1. Thanks Hana! Next stop, 200! And then 300, and hopefully It won’t be too far off into the future that nobody will remember any Sparta jokes.

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