This is not an update post. This is not an update post. This is not-


I don’t particularly like making posts like these, since I’d rather be talking about anime, but due to the blog coming to a slow crawl recently, it makes sense that I talk about it briefly instead of leaving my readers in the complete dark. Without further delay, here are a number of blogging-related and/or anime-related announcements:

Baka Laureate is on a break until June.

I don’t like using the word hiatus, since the word itself, to me, gives off the impression that the abrupt stoppage in activity is prolonged to some expected extent, or has no clear schedule for resuming said activity. That said, I will be taking a few weeks off blogging to prepare for a move to a new place that I’m renting downtown. I’ll still be reasonably present on twitter, most likely complaining about said preparations for the move. My weekly blogging commitments will also be put on hold for the time being, which leads to the next announcement.

Smile PreCure posts will be delayed for the time being.

It might take a while for me to actually catch up with this show, blog-wise, but for the most part, the only episode that has yet to be posted is 16, which aired last weekend. It involves some delicious Reika, and I really, truly, want to write about her. But I will hold off until I get back, which by then, I will also be behind on the episode after that, episode 17, which once again features Akane/Cure Sunny. Smile is my highest priority at the moment, so I’ll get to those right away as soon as I’m settled into my new pad and the blog is active again.

I’m interested in some blog collaboration for when I return.

For the most part, Baka Laureate has been a single-author blog, and I expect that it will continue to be as such; however, I am opening up the doors for whoever might be interested in wanting to write a post for this blog. It doesn’t really matter to me what you write, but feel free to leave me an e-mail if you would like to collaborate on something, or if you’d like to have this blog host a post of yours that you would otherwise be unable to put up (either because you don’t have your own blog, or if the post doesn’t fit in with the theme/premise of your already existing blog). While this blog has in the past put some emphasis on fiction writing and took particular interest in the Pretty Cure franchise, feel free to talk about anything.

Likewise, I’m also interested in writing guest posts for other blogs as well. If you’re the owner of a superfabulous blog, then I have a unique perspective offer with regards to insights into a particular topic. If you’re interested in my services, let me know by e-mail and we’ll talk some stuff out.

Fiction Friday is dead. Long live Wordtaku!

The biggest problem with naming a writing segment after a day of the week is that it comes with an expectation that it will only be posted on that day, or that it will be posted every week during that day. Ever since I started using Fiction Friday, I’ve only written 2 posts. Unacceptable. By removing the day restriction and renaming it to something else, I can be free to write about writing any time I like.

That said, I’ll be renaming these series of posts to Wordtaku. It’s a straightforward portmanteau of word and otaku, which hopefully captures the concept of being not only being a writer with a particularly heavy anime influence, but also developing a crazy lifestyle centering around a love for writing. Hopefully, this blog will eventually become primarily writing-centric, as I plan on shifting towards writing more outside of the blog, at least in regards to my own writing projects.

I will be at Anime North 2012!

Anime North is a convention held in Toronto at the end of May of each year. While, in my opinion, the convention itself has gotten a tad stale with regards to panels and events and whatnot, I’m particularly excited to go this year because it will be the first year of attending for the purposes of meeting up with a bunch of like-minded anime friends that I know through twitter.

For the most part, I’ve managed to make arrangements to meet with a number of people, but if you’d like to come say hi or hang out or whatever, I’ll be available for most of the event, including before it opens up on Friday and after it closes down on Sunday. Just hit me up on twitter or in the comments section or by email. Whatever. I’m a pretty nice guy, and I won’t bite.

And that’s pretty much it for me. I’ll be on twitter in the meantime, but expect this blog to be back up and running when June comes around. Fifty bucks says I’ll resume activity before the aniblog tourney does. Man, that shit is messed up.


8 thoughts on “This is not an update post. This is not an update post. This is not-”

  1. I was wondering what was going on Krizzly! I hope everything goes smooth for the big move! Is this a bigger place or about the same size? Either way moving is a huge pain in the ass so I hope you don’t take on too much stress.

    I will miss the weekly Smile precure posts but like I always say real life comes first even for anime fans and bloggers; you could always combine two episodes into one for a epic post of doom ❤

    collaboration stuff eh? Hmmmm I might be interested in something like that one day with you! I wouldn't mind working with someone else on a side posts course after I get the ok from my boss over at Metanorn.

    Take care bud! I wish I had the funds to go to anime north or Canada in general there are so many people up there I want to visit eventually.

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