Slam the Vote! Support Baka Laureate in the Aniblog Tourney!

Wouldn’t you believe it? I’m in the top 16 of the Aniblog Tourney! I’m amongst some really esteemed company, including Sea Slugs, Metanorn, Listless Ink, and even my opponent for this round, the defending champion, psgels. My goodness, looking at this list, you just know that the other people left standing are very well-deserving blogs who’ve made their mark with hard work and a lot of support from their readership. I bested Reverse Thieves last round, a blog that’s done a whole lot for the community, and I’m sad to see them go. But alas, I’m still here, still strong, still writing.

While I’ve been rather blasé about the tourney for a while, particularly considering my preference for good content over actual presentation of said content, I’m still of the opinion that the top-16 level of this tournament is one where the quality blogs truly start to show their strengths. I’m not as well-established of a blog as psgels, nor am I as prolific in my writing schedule and post frequency. But I do have one advantage over this particular star-crossed matchup: The Slamming Spirit.

As promised in my appeal for votes in my matchup against Reverse Thieves, I’ve Space Jam remixed the ending theme to Heartcatch PreCure.

I’m a man of my word, especially when it comes to Slamming songs. So here’s what I’m going to do. I don’t really think I can match up to psgels at all, but I will do something nice for my readers. For every 20 votes I get in this particular match, I will slam an anime song of your choice. Leave a suggestion in the comments, and when the polls close on Wednesday, I will grab the best suited submissions and slam the living bejeezus out of them. All in the name of science and anime.

Here are a number of slams I’ve already done:

Mawaru Penguinjam

Star Dunker – Slamochrome

If you want some more slammilicious sounds, you’ll have to vote. Repeatedly. Get your brother to vote. Get your cat to vote. Go to every fucking starbucks in your area and vote. Understood? Great. As if you needed another reason to vote for the Baka.

Seriously, though, I really do appreciate your support in the slamiblog tourney so far, so let’s keep it up! Baka and out.


20 thoughts on “Slam the Vote! Support Baka Laureate in the Aniblog Tourney!”

  1. You have a super talent with these Mr. Krizzly aka the slam jam master! You have my support and good luck in the tourney buddy! YOU GOT THIS! WOOOOOOOOO!!

  2. I thought I was above bribery…apparently not. Seriously though, this idea is kinda sorta awesome. You’ve unleashed some real musical masterpieces into this world and you’re promising us EVEN MORE STILL! EXCELLENT!

    P.S. Good luck! Keep up the slamming spirit.

    1. I appreciate the sentiment! Star-crossed is unstoppable, but at least that won’t stop me from making a go at it!

    1. Thanks Yi! I also wish you luck against Baka Raptor! That one’s probably the greatest match in the tourney so far!

  3. Hi. I’m a reader from Star Crossed. I enjoyed what I read of your blog, and I’m a fan of Precure, so you have a new follower here. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you! I’ll be moving some stuff over to a new blog dedicated entirely to PreCure, so keep an eye out for that.

  4. I am seriously hoping that you will pull upset win against psgels…I got completely crushed by him in the 2010 tourney…I need revenge! XD

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