Be a Refined Bard: Parallel World Samurai, Episode 7

Coastal town at dusk, this poet will rule the world, with serene haikus.

Just like that I’m back.
I’m sorry for my absence
I’ve been on a break.

Writer’s block is bad.
It’s a horrible excuse
to neglect my blog.

Sometimes the best thing
to get you back to writing
is to play around.

Sometimes just let lose,
just try to experiment
with things like Haiku.

In this episode
of Sengoku Collection,
this is what they do.

Sencolle is smart.
It is free to try new things
in each episode.

In the seventh one,
the haiku poet, Basho,
changes people’s lives.

The poet Basho, endearing in her speech patterns, in 5-7-5.

She speaks in haiku!
Even Crunchy’s subtitles
translates syllables!

Annoying at first,
The way she communicates
rubs off on others.

First off is her charm
being a sengoku girl
big fish in small pond

A single flower, can grow in the driest dirt, with delicate hands.

She’s larger than life.
She has loads of charisma
grounded by nature.

Despite her haiku,
her actions speak louder still,
even at the end.

Let’s talk ’bout writing.
Why was this vignette so good?
It’s about structure.

Inciting event:
Basho eats carbonara,
and sees potential.

A lonely mother, wants to scream but has no mouth, who’ll open her heart?

Then, developments
build up on one another
in small incraments.

In her first night’s stay,
Basho notes melancholy
of other patrons.

The cafe, jazzed up,
represents a new rebirth
from a bleak future.

The supporting cast
all change for the betterment
of Far End Café.

Art is happiness, express yourself when silenced, a picture frames your soul.

Like the sad artiste,
inspired by poetry,
now paints joyously.

Unconditional, the love of a true mother, towards her own son.

Like the male dancer,
who meets his estranged mother,
with those open arms.

But what of the mom,
who protects her piano?
Her heart stays hardened.

“B-b-b-baka! It’s not like I like Basho, or anything GOSH!”

At the highest point,
Basho ruins everything
she built with the mom.

Basho clearly knows,
mom will only learn if she
takes her for granted.

So what does she do?
Sails off with nobunaga
while mom watches on.

Let go what you love, will return to you someday, if it’s meant to be.

Mom has nothing left.
Her regret’s the “lowest point,”
she reads the letter.

Sometimes loss is good
for those who want to move on.
The weight of Real Life.

But what of Basho?
She’ll return when mom comes ’round.
She knew all along.

Music for the soul, a melody that warms our hearts, concludes this vignette.

This ep was perfect.
So creative in its own
imposed restrictions.

But that’s how you write!
Always be trying new things,
expand horizons.

Face each challenge straight,
because even if you fail
effort makes you grow.

That’s what the mom did,
she is not like from before,
’cause she looked forward.

Ditto for this show,
which was quite spotty at first.
Now better than most.

Because it took risks,
the payoffs are so worth it
despite some misses.

That’s what I learned here.
I can’t run from my writing.
I can’t be afraid.

Even if it sucks,
even if it’s just one post,
It goes a long way.

My writing advice,
do not fear those steps forward,
leave footprints of pride.

Thus, I say to you,
Give Sencolle a chance!
oops, 6 syllables.



14 thoughts on “Be a Refined Bard: Parallel World Samurai, Episode 7”

  1. This was brilliant.
    Truly a masterful work,
    and a joy to read.

    Loved this episode.
    Glad you’re enjoying the show,
    and spreading the word.

    Oh, and by the by:
    is there a way to center
    justify comments?

  2. A wonderful post.
    A clever exercise this
    Artistic showcase.

    One could suggest that
    Confined vocabulary
    Furthers this idea.

    Rather, I say in
    Forced restriction of yourself
    You shone vividly.

    You who read this post
    Please continue to seek out
    Means of expression.

    For even within
    Confines such as this you shine.
    In closing, thank you.

    1. I am still searching
      for a writing voice that’s mine.
      Mine, and only mine.

      A path has been laid,
      When I look at what I wrote
      I’d have no regrets.

      Thank you for your praise.
      You’re quite good at this, yourself!
      Always be writing!

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