Administrative Stuff: The End of Endless Summer

What a wild ride that was! For 10 days, starting on August 24 and ending on September 2, I watched the entirety of the Haruhi Suzumiya franchise, including both anime series, two web series, and the movie. After participating this event for two years running (this year being the year I took up the mantle of organizing), I can vouch that marathoning this show is easily the most satisfying way of capping off one’s summer, regardless of what happened during that time.

It’s been a weird summer for me, filled with change and a lot of crazy new experiences. I moved out for the first time (though not necessarily for good), I went on my first trip to Otakon, and I made some headway into some initiatives both in my blogging career, at work, and in my personal life. I’m still trying to catch up on a lot of things, and most of it will carry over into Fall, but the beast that was Haruhi was a great way to punctuate and give me pause to move forward and catching up on a number of matters, which I feel need addressing going forward.

1. Endless Eight Project – delayed

Last year, I did a really neat writing series that coincided with Endless Summer, which culminated in a pretty interesting fanfic that crossed over Endless Eight with Madoka Magica. While I wanted to do something similar this year, I realized that clumping everything into Eight Days is a ridiculously difficult undertaking, especially considering the subject matter involved. That said, I would still like to tackle it, regardless of outside participation and interest. The intention still remains that a series of Eight posts will be put up in consecutive days. Now was not the time (I blame Guild Wars), but that doesn’t mean the project is dead.

2. Slams – first priority

Even though the aniblog tourney is but a distant memory (congrats to Metanorn, the eventual winners!), I still want to keep my promise of providing more Space Jam mashups. They’re hilarious to listen to and ridiculously easy to make. Keep an eye out for that, it’s coming soon.

3. Smile PreCure – semi-dropped

If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t written anything on Smile PreCure in months. I’m still keeping up with the show from week to week, but there was a little snag some time ago related to the direction I wanted to take this series of posts, as well as my penchant for writing precure-related stuff. I’ve delegated that to a precure blog which I recently started writing, but will announce in its official entirety very soon. I may have dropped Smile on this blog, but Cure Blogger has picked that one right back up.

4. NaNoWriMo – TOO SOON

2 months might sound like a good deal of time away, but if summer breaks are any indication, that time flies by remarkably fast and often goes unnoticed. To me, it feels like the event is creeping up a lot sooner than I’d like, and as far as this blog is concerned, I really want to write more about my experiences in writing as it relates to anime. Last year, I wrote a novel highly inspired by the magical girl genre, set in a post-cyberpunk world. I would like to talk about my writing more, but with a number of finished manuscripts under my belt, I’m still trying to figure out which work to publicize through the blog, and which work to query for publication.

As for this year’s novel, I’ve got a pretty good idea of what I want to write, but I would rather take a particular approach with planning the novel out through this blog.

Going Forward – Fall

Expect a lot of  “writing about writing” happening for the rest of the year. Granted, this blog is supposed to be about writing and anime, but I always try my best to connect the two together, since those are the two things I hold most dear at the moment. That, and Guild Wars 2, because I’m a terrible, terrible person. Thanks a bunch to everyone who participated in Endless Summer, it wouldn’t be the same without you guys. I’m looking forward to what the rest of the year holds, and I look forward to organizing this event again in the future.


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