Smile PreCure! Episode 15: Mama and Me

Miyuki and her mom share a nice little moment at the end of the Mother’s Day episode.

This week’s episode of Smile PreCure was a damn fine piece of work. It made use of its air date to create a topical episode surrounding Mother’s Day, much like it previously did with its April Fool’s Day episode, as well as Heartcatch PreCure’s Mother’s Day episode back in 2010. Not only was the warm relationship between Miyuki and her mother in show, but Toei’s great fight choreography as well.


Miyuki notices the other girls making presents for their mothers and realizes that she forgot that today is Mother’s Day. She discovers that she has no money to buy a present, so she tries to help her mother with chores around the house, but fails at most of her tasks. Later, she tries to make a necklace back at the secret base, but the end product turns out to be too plain, by her own standards. She visits a card store with the girls, only to run into Wolfrun, who casts Bad End on customers at a flower shop. He turns a carnation into a red-nosed akanbe, and the girls transform and fight it. Cure Happy saves Candy from an attack, but drops her mother’s present. Wolfrun takes Happy’s necklace and berates her for doing a crappy job in creating it. Cures Sunny and March come to her defence, engaging in combat with Wolfrun. Sunny knocks the necklace away, and Candy retrieves it. The rest of the PreCure go on the offensive after Happy comes to a realization about her feelings regarding her mother and Mother’s day. She uses Happy Shower to vanquish the Akanbe. After the battle, Miyuki gives the present to her mom, and they walk home together happily.

This week introduced us to Miyuki’s mom, who, like most other PreCure parents, are noticeably present in the girls’ lives as they grow and mature as PreCure. Let’s take a look at 4 other notable moms in the PreCure franchise.

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Bitter-Suite Symphony: Suite PreCure Review

Synopsis: the magical musical world of Major Land is threatened by Mephisto, the ruler of Minor Land, when he steals the Legendary Score containing the Melody of Happiness. Before he gets a chance to transform it into the Melody of Sorrow, Major Land’s queen, Aphrodite, scatters the score’s notes and sends them to Kanon Town, back on Earth. She sends the melody’s songstress, Hummy, to Kanon Town to not only find the notes, but the Legendary PreCure as well.

Unlike Puella Magi Madoka Magica, which I’ve described before as a series about magical girls, Suite PreCure is, for all its successes and failures, a magical girl show at heart. Just a mere mention of that, combined with the fact that it’s part of a storied Pretty Cure franchise, is more than enough to convince most fans of the genre to give it a shot. Suite PreCure is a unique musical spin on the Pretty Cure magical girl concept, and incorporates musical motifs, both visually and thematically, in the most straightforward, yet effective way. Despite its great soundtrack and somewhat likeable characters, the show in itself is as average as it gets for PreCure.

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My Suite Love: An Ode to the Music of Suite PreCure!

If you follow me on twitter, then it’s not surprising to know that I am a ridiculously huge fan of the Pretty Cure (PreCure) franchise as a whole. I had my first hint of it when I was a year or so out of high school, and Futari Wa Pretty Cure was aired in Canada as Pretty Cure, in an attempt to recapture the massive commercial success of Sailor Moon when it aired when I was much younger. It was a pretty bad dub, and due to my nostalgia filter for Sailor Moon, I dismissed it rather quickly, but there was something about its style that I found appealing despite its seemingly misappropriated localisation. It felt like a ripoff of Sailor Moon, but had a lot more action to it, and at one point I imagined that it was some sort of conceptual mish-mash between Sailor Moon and Dragonball Z (half-correct, as Dragonball Z and Pretty Cure have the same director).

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