Renai Circulation (TiK ToK Remix)

Renai Circulation, sung by Kana Hanazawa, mixed with the instrumental to Ke$ha’s TiK ToK.  I love the song, but I’m not a big fan of Ke$ha’s vocals.  Thus, here it is, a remix that I did with Audacity.  Enjoy.


Year in Review: Best of the Best

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I apologize.  I am a terrible blogger.  I am normally better than this, as seen in my WoW blog, but still.  Anime readers deserve a bit better than that.  To make up for it, I present to you an obligatory year-in-review post.  Not only will I talk about my favourite anime of the year, but also other best-of-2010 categories as well.

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Week in Review: My Desktop is a Worthless Steaming Pile

I have a pretty awesome desktop computer, a gateway with an i7 quad-core processor, and a radeon 5850.  It will handle pretty much any game, and will effortlessly play BD-quality encode, while at the same time, have enough hard drive space to store them with.  The only thing it can’t do, however, is handle an hour straight of Raildex songs on Beat Hazard.  The video card’s fan got fried, and it will be another week of sitting in the shop waiting for a replacement to come in.  It feels terrible, man.

In the meantime, I’ve been struggling to find a way to play these 720p anime episodes on my less than optimal netbook (ie, I can’t).  Thus, I’ve downloaded both the 720p and 480p versions of the same episode so I can watch one on the netbook, and save one for the desktop when I get it back.  At the moment, it’s a huge blow to my bandwidth.  Here are some noteworthy shows that I’ve watched from the past week or so. Continue reading Week in Review: My Desktop is a Worthless Steaming Pile

Week in Review: “NaNo Still Kicking My Ass” Edition

I took a look at the statistics for this blog the past week, and I must say, without any sort of proper promotion or networking, it is very difficult to get a blog started off from scratch.  Considering that there already exists a community of networked anibloggers out there, one would expect that I would be in a fine position to capitalize on it and gain some sort of readership.

But as my years of blogging have shown, it is not the networking that gets you hits, but rather actual posts, and a consistent posting schedule, that does the bulk of the work for your site’s success.  It also doesn’t help that NaNoWriMo has been getting in my way with all of this.  Every post I make here is essentially wasted wordcount on my novel, which as of today, is a few thousand behind from the 25k benchmark that should be reached by now, the halfway point in the month.  However, as a result of having to balance both posting and NaNo along with the rest of my life’s responsibilities, I am thus suffering from both.

Alas, here’s what I’ve been doing this week in the wonderful world of Anime.

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Kuragehime Episode 3

In a world filled such anger-inducing  things such as parents being angry over a 5-year-old’s display of crossplay in a school Halloween party, or on twitter where one week’s trending topics include the terms “#LGBTrights” or “#ItGetsBetter” lead to yesterday’s “#aregaytothe10thpower,” it is nothing short of refreshing to see a show like Kuragehime kick such hateful conventions to the curb.

And it’s not that Kuragehime provides a form of escapism for those who are LGBT/NEET/etc. (in fact, events in the show might come off as realistic to the point where it might hit home too hard for some viewers), but the show presents itself as a story that treads the line between idealistic and realistic, and lets those who prefer one of the two sides to be opened up to the other.

Episode 3, in more ways than one, executes this as well as one could possibly fathom, making it my favourite episode out of all the series I’ve been watching so far, making for an excellent opportunity to write my first actual anime post. Continue reading Kuragehime Episode 3

Killing Two Birds With One Post: About Me

Whenever I stumble upon a blog for the first time, the first thing I read is that author’s about page.  Not only does it give me a glimpse into the author’s personal (but not specific) life, it also gives me insight about that person’s personality, or even see a little deeper into the meaning that the author is trying to convey through the words he or she writes.

A recent example of this is a post by Crusader from THAT anime blog, where he talks about his final impressions on K-ON.  When he spoke about getting out of the army, and returned to a world of struggle driven by unemployment in (presumably) America, he really hammered the point home about how much he truly enjoyed the series.As a newcomer to the anime blogging community (and when I mean newcomer, I mean it in every sense of the word; I haven’t even read any blogs when I started writing about this medium), I would like to criticize in the most constructive way possible that a large number of these blogs don’t feel “personal” enough.

And while this may primarily apply to things such as anime reviews and whatnot, the first thing that should be somewhat personal is the About page.  It’s probably assumed that anime bloggers are stereotypical NEETs and otakus who still live in their parents’ basements, but I am convinced that this is hardly the case.

In my other home blogosphere, the WoW blogosphere (affectionately called the InterNether), these bloggers showcase that they come from all walks of life other than headset-wearing zitfaces who loves to spend their days pwning n00bs.  Likewise in the anime blogosphere, these authors have an opportunity to showcase themselves in a light outside of the otaku stereotype, that there is more to them than being a neckbeard who hugs pillows with pictures of their waifu printed on the cases as they sleep.  Not that there’s anything too wrong with that!

Thus, I’d like to use this post as a means to talk a little about myself.  I am a 24-year old male living in Toronto, currently working at home as a customer service representative for a credit card company.  I graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Forensic Science, and am trying to get into shape so I can join the police force in the Greater Toronto Area.At the same time, I have a passion for writing, which explains why I finally gotten into blogging about anime, as it marries my passion for anime and my passion for writing together.

I am also an aspiring novelist, who started off writing Naruto fanfiction high school, and graduating onto more original works, even participating in National Novel Writing Month (which is going on right now as we speak!).My tastes in anime are as varied as they come.  I have enjoyed anime that have come from a wide range of genres varying from Slice of Life, to Action, to Psychological, to Josei, to Mecha, to even Yaoi (Princess Princess was very charming and totally worth the 15 dollar price tag offered to me at Anime North!)

I am currently watching shows from this year’s Fall Season, as well as re-watching shows for inspiration for my current Novel, which can be explained as a mashup between Samurai Champloo and Steamboy.That’s pretty much it about me.  If you wish to contact me, you can talk to me via twitter @krizzlybear, as well as Formspring under the same name.

Baka Laureate: a 3×3 Introduction

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this picture and caption is worth over 9000.

When I told a friend of mine over twitter that I was starting an anime blog, he immediately suggested that my first post would have to be a “top 20 anime of all time” list.  I personally agreed with his sentiment, since I am of the belief that you can learn a lot about a person simply by knowing his or her favourite movie, book, food, colour, etc.

When it comes to anime, what better way of showing one’s tastes and personality than through the 3×3, /a/’s penultimate medium through which an individual’s taste in anime is expressed, often to the point of ridicule and “HURRR DURR MY OPINION > YOUR OPINION.”  Much to my dismay, I fear that mentioning 4chan at all seems like a kiss of death regarding credibility, since anonymous is, at first glance, anti-everything when it comes to anime.  Everything is shit.  /a/ is not your fucking blog.

But here, at Baka Laureate, I am distanced away from the expectations of an anonymous messageboard, providing myself with an outlet of individual expression and opinion  outside the general thoughts and consensus within the anime community, and I feel blessed to have this opportunity.  I’ve been blogging for a few years now, authoring both a World of Warcraft blog called Frost is the New Black, as well as a writing/Japanese steampunk blog called Steampanku.  Both are hosted by wordpress.  Having been a huge fan of anime for as long as I can remember, it really did not make sense that I would blog for so long without even once writing about something that’s been a part of my personality and identy longer than Warcraft and writing combined.

But here it is, the start of what I feel is something quite special.  Something that’s been a part of me for most of my life, and will probably remain for the rest of it, combined with a fondness for writing words, and simply leaving those words where anyone can see.  It’s the beginning of an adventure, and I look forward to having you along for the ride.